The Virtual Conference for Animal Lovers and Spiritual Seekers
Ready to Unleash the Power of Animal Wisdom?
Learn how to access animal wisdom to help your pets, heal the planet, and grow spiritually to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be! 
August 27-31, 2018
What is the Animal Wisdom World Summit?
The Animal Wisdom World Summit is a 5-day virtual event during which over 25 Animal Wisdom leaders and experts are going to share their expertise and insights with you!

Each day features a different topic in the world of Animal Wisdom, from connecting with your pets to receiving messages from your pets who have passed to learning life lessons from wild animals to working with animal spirit guides.

The experts and speakers featured in the Summit are leaders who will help you connect more deeply with your pets, resolve challenging situations with your pets, understand the love that binds you with your pet angel, access the wisdom of wild animals, and teach you to work with Spirit Animal Allies. 
The Animal Wisdom World Summit speakers have been featured in...
Why Should You Attend the Animal Wisdom World Summit?

 No Travel! A virtual conference is held online, not in a conference room. All sessions will be broadcast over the web so you can watch from the comfort of your own home. See the agenda below!

Free Admission! Watch the speakers' presentations when they debut according to the schedule below... or catch the replay anytime within 24 hours. Every speaker's session will remain online for one day after it debuts.

Expert Speakers! The conference presenters are inspiring leaders in their fields who love helping people and animals thrive.

Inspiration Galore! The Summit speakers are some of the most inspiring, uplifting people on the planet! They will get you psyched to make your own dreams come true!

The Experts You'll Be Learning from in the Animal Wisdom World Summit 
Colette Baron-Reid
Dr. Steven Farmer
Joan Ranquet
John Holland
Laura Lassiter
Ellie Laks
David Owen
Danielle MacKinnon
Barbara Techel
Margaret Ann Lembo
Wendy Van de Poll
Kari Samuels
Rachel Windsor-Knott
Sarah-Jane Farrell
Rose De Dan
Janet Roper
Margaret VanLaan Martin
Elaine Garley
Phoebe Fazio
Amlas McLeod
Joe Dwyer
Ferris Jay
Dawn Brunke
Marla Steele
Alison Martin
Pamela Kachelmeier
Linda Tucker
Kim Julen
Animal Wisdom World Summit Agenda
* All times listed are Pacific Standard Time (PST) / Los Angeles *
Day 1: Connecting with Animals
9:00am PST
"Animal Wisdom for an Awakened World" - Dr. Cara Gubbins
10:00am PST
"Relationship-Building with Our Animal Companions" - Janet Roper 
11:00am PST
"Soul Connections with Pets-How Our Pets Are Taking Care of Us" - Alison Martin 
12:00pm PST
"Intuition, Your Pet & You" - Margaret VanLaan Martin 
1:00pm PST
"TRUST Process to Connect with the Wisdom of Animals" - Sarah-Jane Farrell 
2:00pm PST
"Healing with Rescued Animals at the Gentle Barn" - Ellie Laks 
Day 2: The Wisdom of Our Pets
9:00am PST
"Soul Contracts between Animals and People" - Danielle MacKinnon
10:00am PST
"How Rescue Animals Inspire Us to Be Our Best Selves" - Joe Dwyer 
11:00am PST
"Pets & Feng Shui" - Kim Julen 
12:00pm PST
"Trusting the Wisdom of Pets to Heal Themselves" - Rachel Windsor-Knott 
1:00pm PST
"The Wisdom of Aging Pets" - Ferris Jay 
2:00pm PST
"Preparing for a Peaceful Goodbye with Your Pet" - Elaine Garley 
Day 3:  Wisdom from Pet Angels
9:00am PST
"The Rainbow Bridge, Animals in Transition " - Joan Ranquet 
10:00am PST
"Animal Wisdom in the Afterlife" - Wendy Van de Poll 
11:00am PST
"Connecting with Your Pet Angel through Sound" - Phoebe Fazio 
12:00pm PST
"From Transition to Transformation: Animal Wisdom and Personal Growth" - Barb Techel 
1:00pm PST
"Visits from Animal Spirits during Mediumship Readings" - Jon Holland 
2:00pm PST
"Pet Angel Guides" - Marla Steele
Day 4:  Wild Animal Wisdom 
9:00am PST
"Wild Animal Wisdom" - Rose De Dan 
10:00am PST
"Snake Awakening" - Dawn Brunke 
11:00am PST
"Soul Lessons from Exotic Cats at Big Cat Rescue" - Laura Lassiter 
12:00pm PST
"Life Lessons from Rescued Asian Elephants in Thailand" - David Owen 
1:00pm PST
"Horse Wisdom" - Pam Kachelmeier 
2:00pm PST
 "Life Lessons from Wild Spotted Dolphins " - Amlas McLeod 
Day 5: Spirit Animal Allies
9:00am EST
"Animals as Oracles in Our Everyday Lives" - Kari Samuels 
10:00am EST
"Animal Spirit Guides and Power Animals" - Dr. Steven Farmer 
11:00am EST
"Spirit Animal Guidance and Divination" - Colette Baron-Reid
12:00pm EST
"Animal Wisdom and Gemstones for Personal Growth " - Margaret Lembo 
1:00pm EST
"White Lions - the Soul of Africa " - Linda Tucker
2:00pm EST
"Learning from The Wisdom of All Animals" - Dr. Cara Gubbins
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Animal Wisdom World Summit?
The Animal Wisdom World Summit is a 5-day virtual event bringing together the global leaders in the field of Animal Wisdom. Over 25 experts are going to share their best tips, tools and insights with you to help you access animal wisdom in your own life.
Do I have to travel to the Animal Wisdom World Summit?
Nope! The Animal Wisdom World Summit is a virtual event, meaning that there is no physical meeting place for this conference. Rather, the free interviews will be streamed on the given dates at the given times (see the agenda on this page). Anyone who has a free ticket to the event will receive the links to access the broadcasts of these free interviews.
How do I watch the video presentations?
 Anyone who has a free ticket to the event will receive the links to access the broadcasts of these free interviews. You can watch for free from any device in any location anytime you want during the 24 hours each interview is available on the summit website.
Is this summit really free?
Yes! Anyone who has claimed their free ticket will be sent links to view the broadcasts of the interviews with the speakers. These interviews will remain available for 24 hours. After 24 hours, they will be taken down and will not be available for viewing any longer. Make sure you take note of the Agenda and schedule to attend the sessions that interest you the most!
What if I miss a speaker's presentation?
It can be difficult to attend every single presentation at the date and time specified. That is why every broadcast is live for 24 hours after its scheduled air date and time. Links will be sent to everyone who has claimed their free ticket to see these broadcasts.

If you do happen to miss one of the presentations, there is an option to upgrade your ticket to an All Access Pass. With this pass, you will be given lifetime access to all the presentations by all the speakers - to watch whenever and wherever you want to! 

Claim your free ticket below to learn more about the All Access Pass option.
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